Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality 2 GB to 20 Mb only

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Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality

Hello Friends I am back again with a new Blog. With the help of this blog you can convert a large video file in just Short file size without losing video quality. With the help of this software you can convert 2 GB file into 20 MB file size only. Now you do not need data or data speed for uploading files on You tube of Facebook or Instagram or any other social networking sites.  Please Click on Ads showing in this sites. Because you click on ads my morale become boost. You can reduce file size with the help of a software named “Handbrake”.

You can download this software by clicking on given link below. I found this Software by hard searching on Internet. Finally I got this and I think you should also know about this software because Many Creator’s facing big problem by uploading videos on You tube. Present time everyone have a mobile which includes a full HD camera which records a Full HD video and this video size become very large.  With the help of this software you can convert any format video file into MP4, MKV, 3GP, WEBM, etc and you can also adjust your audio quality.

Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality

Handbrake  is a great video compressor software that reduces the size of video  file  and make it lighter which can be send over the Internet and to upload on websites and social media platforms Many social media sites restrict to upload large video file size into their sites. Now you can upload large files by converting in to small files sizes and upload them on their Social media sites. This software supports more than 100 audio and 20 video file formats and ensures the original quality of output file without losing of video quality.

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Handbrake Software comes with a sleek and flexible user interface that enables you to convert large files size into short file sizes. Handbrake Compressor is integrated with the encoding function that provides output file compatible with your mobile device and other media players in seconds. This software is available for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and MAC operating systems.

Handbrake  is a software that can reduce the video size with the goal to make it lighter to send to email or to upload to You tube or any Other Social Media Websites.

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Handbrake Features

  • Video compression: This software supports more than 100 audio and video codecs and 20 video file formats. Handbrake can compress them with a few clicks. You should have to download this software.
  • Video Conversion: Handbrake Compressor is integrated with an encoding function so as to make a video file compatible on  mobile devices or other media players. Output files can be   MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, 3GP, FLV or any others.
  • Simple User Interface : Handbrake is offering users the ability to have a look at the compression process in this software. This software has a simple user interface which can be use by any illiterate person. This software can be use very simply.
  • Video Adjusting parameters: You can adjust some settings in this software to reduce file size by your own settings. You can change the audio bit rate and video Quality can be manually adjust. If you want high quality you can make changes into this software in video tab. In handbrake Compressor you can set the video and audio bitrates as well as the frame size controls.


  • Handbrake Compressor  have a simple user interface. The interface is sleek and flexible.
  • This tool can be downloaded and used for free.
  • You can download this software by clicking on above link in single click.
  • Compress Video Files Without Losing Quality

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